Project Monitoring Solution for Locational Projects

Why MyPros?

Project management solutions generally focus on fulfilling of described tasks of a project, within time periods and in described ways.  So they mostly care about WHO, WHAT, WHEN and HOW but neglect the other important element of project management, which is WHERE.

In locational projects like construction, mining, planning, surveying, maintenance, engineering, the location of the task to be made is very important and in some cases vital for future of over all project.

MyPros provides you such a solution which you can find the answers of all your questions in your project management related to Who, What, When, How and Where.


As a project manager or higher manager of many project managers, you can create your management organization and measure their performance in all aspects


Makes management easier

Improves quality and optimises resources

Tests performances and increases efficiency

Frees from wasting time and reduces costs

Improves business growth and development


Municipalities and ministries

Utilities and public organisations

Construction and mining companies

Engineering, planning and surveying companies

Project management and consultant companies

Map your projects in all aspects

All in One Solution

MyPros's features ensure the future of your projects

MyPros is doing you a great favor by providing you with all necessary map functions and project management tools together..



Tool’s advanced features and its work-engine running behind the system help you create your management organisation by eliminating slow and cumbersome administrative processes and let you execute your management plan anytime in anywhere

Work Engine

Through its user-friendly interfaces and assorted smart device supportive structure, you can monitor all the progress with specific indicators and test project performance.


MyPros allows you to assign a task like any other managerial software but also enables you to add geo-references for your task to make you sure that the tasks are performed at the identified places for them.

User Friendly


You can monitor all your projects in details.  Time schedule, expenses table, completion ratio can allow you to understand the present and also the future of your projects.















GIS option allows you to see, sort and analyze your projects on map.  By using the practical features, you can even give the tasks by simple clicking on map.  

Projects on Map

Locational Tasks

You can generate a task with geo reference. Your team can receive their task with a geographic code and whole locational details.


You can easily see these captured photos on map or in the image gallery sorted with date, locational details. Thus you can make sure that the sites are visited and reports are prepared in site or after site seeing.

Auditing of auditors

Storing and archiving the relevant documents within the system allows you to reach any document of the project and use them for the following steps.  You can easily store, search and find the relevant documents, image, GIS Data, drawings and attach them the projects individually or in bulk. 

Charts and Tables

Chart, tables, Dashboard will let you know what is going on in your projects quickly.  By accessing the system, you can learn what your daily tasks and their time schedules are.  


Task notification and alerting option keeps you awake for the tasks to be fulfilled in time.  


Communication capabilities within the platform allow your staff to communicate properly related to their project without requiring any other communication platform. 

Gantt Chart

Specified Gannt Chart will help you to take precaution to prevent of any time wasting and cost-increasing situation during your projects life circle. 

GIS Features

Platform also allows you to draw polyline and polygon on map, which is necessary for you to share geographic information with your team. Thematic map generating function enables you to make different GIS analyze; like project intensity, completed, uncompleted and ongoing project ratios, the performance results on map.