Project Monitoring Solution for Locational Projects

All in One Management Solution

MyPros is doing you a great favor by providing you with all necessary map functions and project management tools together.



With its web-based structure and advanced work engine running behind the system, MyPros enables you to perform all managerial activities like assigning of project personnel, monitoring their performance, verifying of the data collected from sites and observing the fulfillments of the tasks given, real time monitoring of time and cost tables and track their performance through locational parameters.

MyPros 's features ensure the future of your projects

Work Engine

As a Web-based application, MyPros allows you to assign and manage your dedicated personnel as well as their task performance and project timesheets and relevant expenses.

Tool’s advanced features and its work-engine running behind the system help you create your management structure and eliminate slow and cumbersome administrative processes and execute your management plan anytime in anywhere


Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart enables you to visualize your project steps and task fulfillment on a live- time sheet. It updates automatically depending on a new data entry and modification happening in the relevant charts.

You can easily monitor the dead lines and other relevant important points of any project on the Gantt chart. Project plan can get data from MS project and can be exported. 

Communication and Alerting

Communication tools embedded within the platform streamline you and your team to inform and be informed about the development in any project.


Alerting and warning capabilities for any task can also prevents you and your team from ignoring and neglecting   of any task and get them fulfilled on time. By SMS, or email, MyPros keeps you always alert for your duties.

GIS Capabilities

Platform is empowered with an advanced GIS tools that enables you to see your projects on map. Through the advanced GIS functions, you can monitor the projects by just clicking on the map by using of searching and sorting kind GIS features. Platform also allows you to draw polyline and polygon on map, which is necessary for you to share geographic information with your team.

Thematic map generating function enables you to make different GIS analyze; like project intensity, completed, uncompleted and ongoing project ratios, the performance results on map.

Through GIS capabilities, you can monitor all site visits of supervisors and auditors. They can add geo referenced photos and reports into the system as online or offline.  You can easily see these captured photos on map or in the image gallery sorted with date, locational details. Thus you can make sure that the sites are visited and reports are prepared in site or after site seeing.

You can generate a task with geo reference. Your team can receive their task with a geographic code and whole locational details.

Project Optimisation

As a project manager or supervisor, you can be aware of everything happening in your projects.  By monitoring your projects in a real time who is doing what and getting reports from the system anytime you want, you can increase efficiency in your projects and allocate optimum resource and reduce the costs.


You can easily store, search and find the relevant documents, image, GIS Data, drawings and attach them the projects individually or in bulk. 

Documents related to expenses can be attached to the specific request for approval. Documents can be locked to some of the personnel or protected from editing and deleting.

Performance Measurement

It is automatically measure Schedule Performance Index (SPI) & Cost Performance Index (CPI) and demonstrate them in graphs and tables.


You can organize, track each time and progression period through its unique charts and tables. Dashboard, Gantt chart and Timesheet, Progress and Cost tables are user friendly and designed to free you up wasted time and effort.  

Through the Dashboard customized according to your specific requirements, you can easily look a glance at what matters most for you and your projects.


MyPros is available in English and Arabic languages