Project Monitoring Solution for Locational Projects

Story of MyPros

Having realised many different ERP and GIS projects, we have been motivated to bring a new approach to the project monitoring and management solutions especially to the locational projects like construction,maintenance, mining, planning, engineering and surveying. Realising the needs of such projects and the problems that their project managers and supervisors faces in their day-to-day operations inspired us to find the answer of these questions;

How could we meet the requirements of the people and corporations who are dealing with many locational projects by emerging of two elements, GIS and project management? Demonstrating and tracking the projects on a map and associating the tasks with geo-reference could be integrated with other known project management tools?

That is how MyPros came to life.

MyPros is doing you a great favor by providing you with all necessary map functions and project management tools together. With its web-based structure and advanced work engine running behind the system, it enables you to perform all managerial activities like assigning of project personnel, monitoring their performance, verifying of the data collected from sites and observing the fulfillments of the tasks given, real time monitoring of time and cost tables and track their performance through locational parameters. 

With all practical GIS capabilities and other numerous project management functions, MyPros allows you to map your projects in all aspects.